Well, sometimes I have problems thinking of something interesting to blog about (as you will have noticed yesterday), but I didn’t want something as interesting as FIRE on my own property.

We have a row of 8 cottages and we sometimes put a temporary tenant in over the winter months – usually people between houses, or just moving out of or in to the area and so on.  No children. No pets.  The young lady in cottage no.4 decided not only to get a dog but to get a Rotweiler.  She couldn’t understand when I asked her to leave, let alone take on board that her contract says NO PETS.

Anyway, that was cottage no.4.  In cottage no.5 we have a young chap who is having a “one month break” from his partner. (Ours is not to reason why!) Last evening he set off to get some food in, and before he left he lit his wood-burning stove so that the place would be nice and warm when he got in.  But the dear boy decided to stack his wood – all of it, ie about 5 sq.metres of logs – next to the stove so that it would be nice and dry.  Up against the stove and ontop of the stove he placed plenty of twiglets to dry out thoroughly …. and off he went shopping.

Now, this is a big property.  No way would I ever have heard the smoke alarm, and no way would the caretakers ever have heard the smoke alarm.  But luckily the caretaker had to pop in to see me about somethingorother and, as she walked back to her own cottage, she noticed a faint peep-peep-peep coming from one of the cottages.

When she returned to tell me I at first said “oh it’s one of the batteries running out” …. but thank goodness we got the pass keys and went to investigate.

You hear stories of the smoke being so thick you could neither see nor breathe, but this was the first time I had experienced it. Everywhere.  You couldn’t even see the stair case.  Another few moments and the entire pile of logs would have caught.

When the young man got back he was …. surprised.  To say the least.

“I wanted to dry out the logs properly,” he explained, holding his hands out, palms upwards, as though this was quite reasonable.

We lost everything we owned in a fire some 30 years ago.  But that is a different story for a different day.


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